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Buongiorno a tutti!

Eccoci con il secondo capitolo del mio “viaggio” tra le sewing blogger più famose del web!

Dopo Megan Nielsen, ho scelto di intervistare con SONJA di GINGERMAKES: una ragazza NewYorkese dal talento senza limiti e dalla simpatia trascinante!

Quando ho cominciato a leggere il suo blog, Sonja mi ha colpito perchè, nelle foto, sorride SEMPRE in maniera contagiosa… insomma, è adorabile! Inoltre, Sonja ha grandi competenze tecniche ed un gusto particolarissimo per le stampe…

Senza ulteriori indugi, ecco il frutto della nostra chiacchierata:


ELENA- Hi Sonja!
Do you want to introduce you to my readers? How old are you, where do you live? I know you have two puppies…
Things like that!

SONJA – Hi, all! My name is Sonja, and I’m 32 years old. I live in New York City with my husband, two pugs, Doug and Peggy, and a turtle, Francis.

E – Sewing is your job or “just” an hobby? Could you tell us why you started sewing?

Have you a “classic” training, as a seamstress (like Sewing schools, apprenticeship in a tailor shop…) or everything happened by chance?

I know you are studying in a sewing class at FIT… What kind of school is it and what kind of sewing notions are you learning?

S – For me, sewing is just a hobby… an all-consuming, obsessive hobby! My professional background is in film and television, which most people are attracted to because they’re creative types. But working in the business is less creative and more about logistics and organization. So when a coworker invited me to attend a sewing workshop with her four years ago, I immediately fell in love with the creativity and tactile nature of handcrafting.

I took a couple of sewing workshops, and then I discovered how much wonderful sewing information is available on blogs! I learned so much about sewing from my first sew-along, and continued learning thanks to the wisdom and experience that other bloggers offered. Recently I decided to start some more formal training, so I enrolled in a certificate program in ladies’ tailoring at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York- it’s a public design school that’s a great resource for in-depth learning at a low cost for city residents. I’m nearly halfway through the program and have really enjoyed learning traditional hand tailoring techniques in a class environment. It’s teaching me to slow down and do a good job on the details in my project!

ginger makes (1)
E – When I look at your works, I feel very admired about the details: your jeans are great (all that topstich, all these rivets.. amazing!), your underlining is perfect, you choose amazing colors (Yes, to me too it was a “little Giraffe” print… it’s clear, no Pythons!)…
How to you choose the projects to dedicate at? How do you plan the “attach strategy” (you do sketches, you run around for fabric shops until you find the perfect fabric…)?

S – I like to sew, and I like clothes, but I’m obsessed with textiles! So I almost always find a must-have fabric first and then figure out the most fun way to use it. But I also fall prey to gorgeous patterns and while I try to use something from my stash first, sometimes I need new fabric. As far as finishing techniques, I try to research before I start cutting to figure out the best way to approach each garment. I’m pretty active and also have to wash my clothing at a laundromat, so I want my clothes to be made well and to last a long time. So my goal is always to use techniques that will prolong the life of a garment and will hold up to lots of wear.

ginger makes (4)
E- Your style is a Sporty-chic one, twisted with colors and prints. Is it the result of a well planned study, or it simply what makes you feel comfortable?

S- It’s taken me a while to figure out my own style! My work has always required me to be outside in all weather and to work mostly with boys, so my clothing has always been very casual and practical, mostly buttondowns and jeans with weatherproof outerwear. But when I began sewing, I gravitated towards dresses and skirts because those are the easiest things to sew and there were so many patterns available for them! Now that I have a little more experience, I really enjoy putting a bit of a twist on the casual clothes I’ve always worn, things like buttondowns and relaxed blazers, but in fun prints and different fibers. So I can be casual and comfortable, but still wear cool textiles and feel put together throughout the day!

E- Thinking about all the things you sewed… what’s your favorite one and why?

S – One of my very favorite things to wear is my first Republique du Chiffon Gerard coat. I really enjoy the process of sewing outerwear! It’s so rewarding to watch the coat come together, and it’s fun to plan out the processes that you’re going to use. And outerwear is often boring and expensive- you can spend so much money on a plain coat that only comes in navy or black! The Gerard coat is a relaxed, boyish style, which I love, but the color is so happy and I smile when I reach for it and see the fun lining! Plus it’s cool that I can wear something I sewed day after day after day… my coworkers would think I was crazy if I wore a dress that frequently!

ginger makes (2)
E-You read a lot of sewing books! If you can recommend us one?

S- A book that I’ve recently purchased and absolutely love is “Tailoring: The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket”. This has SO much great information about sewing blazers and coats all in one place, and it is packed with clear photographs. It really shows you how to make a great jacket in a way that’s not intimidating or confusing.

E- Future Projects: what you gonna sew next months?

S- Ooh, I’m so happy because the weather is getting warmer, so I can sew more fun things! I’m looking forward to making a blazer out of gold jacquard, a pair of fun pleated pants, and a shirtdress.


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