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The Strides pants – http://verypurpleperson.com/2015/07/merchant-mills-the-strides/


Internet è una cosa meravigliosa: permette a me, ragazza italiana, di chiacchierare con una bellissima mamma, nonchè sarta sopraffina, di origini indonesiane.

La straordinaria protagonista dell’intervista di oggi è Novita, la mente -e le mani- dietro al seguitissimo blog “VeryPurplePerson“!


ELENA – Hi Novita! Would you like to talk a bit about your life and explain who you are? I know you were born in Indonesia but you actually live in Japan…

NOVITA – Hello! My name is Novita Estiti, I’m a sewing blogger who lives in Japan. I’m originally from Indonesia, my son and I moved to Japan in 2008 to live with my husband. I used to work as a fashion editor in Indonesia but now I’m a stay at home mom.


SHORTIE SHORTS - http://verypurpleperson.com/2015/06/shortie-shorts/

SHORTIE SHORTS – http://verypurpleperson.com/2015/06/shortie-shorts/

E- How you started sewing? Have you attended a fashion school or you learnt by yourself? Why you opened a blog and what’s the meaning of “Very Purple Person”?


N- I first learned sewing by myself in 1996 by using Japanese pattern magazines. I went to ESMOD fashion school in Jakarta, Indonesia for a one year course and actually was graduated as best student in 1998. Then I worked as a fashion editor in several magazines and didn’t have the time to sew anymore for years. I have forgotten a lot about what I have learned in fashion school.

After moving to Tokyo, Japan, I became a stay at home mom. With lots of time suddenly in hand, I decided to start sewing again and bought a simple sewing machine. I started the blog as a sewing journal so I can take notes of all the changes and alterations that I have done.

There is no deeper meaning about the name ‘verypurpleperson’. When I was a kid, I really like the color purple. When later I needed to make an email address, I thought that ‘purpleperson’ sounded cool but it was already taken. I didn’t want to think of another name, so it became ‘verypurpleperson’. Since then, I used that nickname for all my internet identity.




E- You are a very creative seamstress: how do you find your endless inspiration? For example, I adore this dog kimono:  http://verypurpleperson.com/2013/08/summer-kimono/  The way you match the patterns is… simply great!!


N- It may sound cliche, but inspirations do exist everywhere. Usually it started from necessity, what I mean is that I need something and I want to make it good. However, the dog clothes that I made are different – not a necessity. I’ve been fostering dogs for two years now. I love making them handmade clothes that will go with them when they get adopted. I know people often think that dogs don’t really need clothes. It might be true, but the dog’s new family always appreciate these clothes as a token of love for the dogs. It also helps me overcome my attachment to the dogs. I love every one of them, and I let them go just as I let the handmade dog clothes go. It is kinda hard to explain 🙂




E- You sew not only for yourself but for your family too. What do you find more funny and rewarding? Your son and husband are easy to satisfy or they have many claims? They are happy about having unique clothes?


N- I sew for my husband and son, but I see it as sewing for myself too. I love to learn new things, making menswear and kidswear is another way to do it. Fortunately, they are usually quite satisfied with what I made for them. Before I started, I tried to get as many information as possible on what they want. My son is more detailed about what he wants, for instance he once asked me to make him a ‘Thriller jacket’ and got very specific about the materials and color. I even showed him some materials sample before I started. While my husband usually just lets me dress him up the way I want.

novita (6)


E- How the “sewing scene” is in Japan and in your home town? Is it difficult to find fabrics or “things related to sewing” or it’s a common thing that a girl sew her own clothes (or a man his own ones) ?


N- Japan, especially Tokyo, is a heaven for everything craft-related. We can find any kind of fabric and sewing supplies here. Japanese sewing pattern books are quite popular and new ones kept being published. They have a sewing blogger community too but they are in Japanese so I don’t really know what’s going on there.

novita (4)


E- Thinking about all the clothes you sewn and all the patterns you used… what’s your favourite and why?


N- I don’t think I have any favorite, or if I do, it keeps changing from time to time. I like the military jacket that I made last year because of all the details. It got so much wear during the spring.

But it is summer now and it is too hot for the jacket. My favorite patterns at the moment are SJ tee by Papercut patterns and Chill dress (cut as top) by Burdastyle for comfortable summer tops. I often buy 1.5 m cotton knit fabric, cut these two patterns together and use the scraps to make some panties. As little waste as possible! Unfortunately I haven’t blogged much about them. I just made and wear them rightaway 🙂





Se siete curiosi di saperne di più sulle avventure con ago e filo di Novita, cercatela, oltre che sul blog, anche sui social:





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