Indie designer interviews \ Le sarte che mi piacciono – MEGAN NIELSEN

Buongiorno mondo!

Questa settimana inauguro una nuova rubrica, che ho chiamato: “Indie designer interviews \ Le sarte che mi piacciono”.

La mia idea è di lasciarmi ispirare dalla storia e dalle conoscenze di alcuni amanti di cucito che ho conosciuto sul web. Persone provenienti da tutto il mondo che hanno deciso di condividere, tramite un blog o i social, la loro avventura nel mondo della sartoria: il loro talento, le loro conoscenze, i loro errori.

La primissima  persona che ho intervistato è MEGAN NIELSEN.

Progenitrice dell’incredibile mondo degli INDIE DESIGNERS, Megan è una giovane creativa (e Mamma!) che vive in Australia.

Megan è la mente dietro l’omonima produzione di magnifici cartamodelli.


le coulottes TANIA, che trovate qui: http://megannielsen.com/collections/all-products/products/tania-culottes-sewing-pattern

Ma… bando agli indugi, via con l’intervista:

ELENA – Hi Megan!
To me interviewing you is very exciting because, in 2009, when I bought my first sewing machine and I wasn’t able to sew at all, your blog is the first one I read and it helps me a lot in learning sewing basis! (I’m still not so good with basis, errrr… but I keep going on and learn!).
So, I’d like to start with… you own beginning in sewing!
Why and how you decided to sew clothes?

MEGAN – I learnt to sew when I was about 11 years old – it all started when I wanted to make some clothing for my Barbie dolls, so I started cutting up my own clothing and handsewing outfits for them. When my mother found out she gave me a sewing machine, showed me how to use it and guided me through my first project – a wrap skirt! 

E – Have you attended a sewing class or are you self taught?

M – I’m completely self taught – though I really wish I had thought to take some sewing classes when I was starting out, I think it would have saved me a lot of trial and error figuring things out on my own! Initially I taught myself to sew through ripping up clothing and trying to put it together again, and later on I bought every book I could find on sewing, pattern drafting, sketching etc and worked through them teaching myself.

E – As I’ve told you before, Your tutorials, to me, have been fundamental in moving my first steps into the sewing world. Also, you often propose very clever variation to your own patterns. I guess you think that Internet is a good way to learn how to sew but… If you can rewind the past and restart, you’d change the way in which you learn your sewing notions?

What would you recommend to those who begins right now?

M – Gosh thank you so much! It means so much to know that my tutorials have helped you! Yes I do think the internet is a good way to learn to sew, but honestly, I don’t think anything can replace personal teaching. If I could turn back the clock and go back to being that little girl with a sewing machine, I would absolutely take some sewing classes instead of trying to figure it out myself. For anyone beginning now I would recommend taking some beginners classes, and buying some good books about sewing technique or whatever interests you and work through them!

Darling Ranges

DARLING RANGES DRESS http://megannielsen.com/collections/all-products/products/darling-ranges-dress-sewing-pattern

E- At a certain time, in 2011, you started running your own business with patterns. We can call you a “pioneer” of Indie Designers. Why you decided to launch yourself in the market?

M – I originally began my brand as a ready to wear clothing line, and along side that I ran my blog where I shared sewing tutorials. As time went on I found that people were asking me how they could make my ready to wear designs, and they were echoing many of the same frustrations I had had with commercial sewing patterns in my earlier sewing days. That’s when I decided to launch my pattern line and begin sharing the sewing patterns to my ready to wear designs.

E- Talking about your patterns: could you tell us the birth process of one of your creations? You often publish a lot of beautiful sketches , which are very inspiring…
Does it start from a drawing or from, I don’t know, seeing a fabric or other?
What happens from the idea to the finished pattern?

M – It can differ sometimes, but in general my designs begin with a need in my own wardrobe. I’m a great believer in making pieces that fit into daily life, so my designs usually come from my desire to have a garment that I can’t find anywhere else. Sketching is always my next step, I love sketching and it’s a great way to flesh out my ideas. After that I begin drafting the pattern and sewing myself some test samples. I make changes, think of variations and continue to work on the test pieces and pattern until I’m happy. It’s really important to me that my patterns are very easy to use, so I also spend a lot of time trying to simplify the sewing steps and pattern pieces as much as possible to make them easier to work with.


MAKER TEE http://megannielsen.com/collections/all-products/products/maker-tee

E- What’s your favourite pattern and why.

M- Oh gosh that’s a hard one! My favourite pattern really changes depending on the season, but I think my favourites are probably the Tania culottes and the Briar tee (I know sorry! I chose two!). I love the Tania culottes because I love it when people tell me they never considered wearing culottes until they tried that pattern, and the Briar is probably the pattern that fills my closet the most! I have so many Briar crop tops that it’s somewhat ridiculous!

E- Last but not least: you “Maker tee shirt” project… would you like to talk about that?

M- I am honestly so excited about my Maker tee project! I have had a dream for so long to work with a sheltered workshop that supports women and children fleeing slavery – and I am so excited to be involved in some small way in the amazing work that Freeset do with their sheltered workshops in India. I hope to continue selling the tees and bring out more products like tote bags, so that I can help support their amazing organization. I’ve been so touched by the response we have received from the creative community so far, it makes the world feel like a smaller kinder place!

Ringrazio tantissimo Megan per la gentilezza, la pazienza e l’umiltà… è veramente una persona grandiosa!

Se anche voi volete conoscere meglio Megan, qui trovate qualche link:




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